I enjoyed learning about the significance of each stage in our life and also about soul work.

This was a very challenging module for me. The content and the teacher were more than competent. The teacher took a difficult subject and made it accessible. Towards the later classes the concept of Biography resonated very well and I have actually asked a client to work on his.

The few tools and the basic understanding that I could learn in the sessions proved to me why this therapy is gaining popularity. Also the connection of elements with pathology was something which was very interesting for me.Suchitra Inamdar

Working with real case studies was very in-depth work.

An entirely new perspective of looking at life opened up after the session. The facilitator was very learned and brought a host of terms to my existing knowledge of Anthroposophy. Of special mention is Salutogenesis and the concept of archetype of the health.

I was very surprised by this medium as I have been studying the subject. Suchitra mam still made the subject extremely interesting and approachable for people who don’t know anything about this subject. This has opened a completely new world into the biography work and I am considering doing the Anthroposophic psychotherapy course.