Anthroposophy is a spiritual science uncovering the innate wisdom (sophia) that is inherent as a potential in a human being (anthropos). APARA is only of its kind ‘centre of excellence’ of research and knowledge dissemination of Anthroposophic Psychology (AP) in India. We aim at ‘de-compartmentalising’ psychological healing. The field of AP enables and empowers the practitioners of socially inclined professions to better the understanding of the unison between the body, soul and spirit. Through this understanding emerges the sound perception of the psyche.

APARA is the enabler of healthy body and soul of individuals to overcome challenges posed by today’s severe conflict between soul spiritual evolution and materialism in human life.

APARA bases the dissemination of AP in India under the sky named Dr Rudolf Steiner and on the footprints of the iconic contribution of Bernard Lievegoed, Karl Konig and Ad Dekkers. We consider these 4 great teachers and practitioners as the pillars of the working of APARA. We are humbled by the relentless work of colleagues around the globe and the APARA team welcomes all collaborations with open arms. It is our endeavour to bring in professionalism and quality to the work of AP in India thus paving a path for the emergence of astute professionals.

Training Courses

Our three-year certificate program leads you into new territory: challenging your current paradigm, nourishing your soul, and stimulating your senses.


Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, and PSWs

Deepen your acumen of understanding the core of pathologies that grab the human mind and generally render helplessness in the hands of a professional. Empower your skills with the strength of true knowledge.

For other counsellors

Lawyers, life coaches, police personnels, school counsellors, medical helpers, nurses, trauma and disaster counsellors, hospice workers and many other counsellors today need to understand the human psyche better. Apply psychology skilfully and completely to your work. The training will help you to become more confident and assured professionals.

Educationists and Teachers

Understanding the development of the body, soul and spirit is imperative to create newer ways of addressing and teaching children and youngsters. The guarding of mental health is not limited to the psychologists today. Teachers have become an important link in the work of mental health. This course will empower the teachers to steer the best in the lives of children.

Personal Development Seekers

For better relationships and better understanding of the life graph and destiny patterns. Be more ready to shape your own path and achieve joy, abundance and contentment by knowing yourself deeply.