Professional Circle

The idea of a Professional Circle organically developed from the conversations with the students of APARA. The Anthroposophic Psychology And Counseling course is an intense experience for serious practitioners of both Anthroposophy and Psychotherapy. The 8 modules of the AP&C course take the students through rigorous, contemporary and in-depth training. However, unraveling the mysteries of the psyche is an unending process and one needs a community of continuous mentoring and sharing with peers to keep unlocking its potential.

The APARA courses offer a deep level of expertise in diagnosis and intervention. To exploit this expertise completely, it is important for a professional to relentlessly be on the journey of learning. The Professional Circle is designed to provide a continuous platform for all professionals of Psychology and its applied aspects.

The Professional Circle is a monthly session of 4 hours. The first 2 hours are restricted to students and members of APARA. We conduct text study, intense case studies, deeper application based understanding of Anthroposophical concepts.

The latter 2 hours are open for everyone to attend. Our endeavor would be to bring in various practitioners of Anthroposophy to provide their inputs to expand the scope of Mental Health practitioners. We work with Anthroposophic special educators, Anthroposophic art therapists, Biography practitioners, Biodynamic farmers, Physiotherapists, Anthroposophic doctors, Waldorf teachers and musicians. We believe that every aspect of healing and approaching human life is something that Mental Health Professionals need today for holistic intervention.

A nominal fee is collected from participants for the latter 2 hours of the Professional Circle. We believe in building a community of learners, who contribute this fee to have tea and snacks together, learn together and are happy making an energy exchange with the resource person who is sharing his/her knowledge with them.

Welcome to the Professional Circle of APARA